Procrastination Paradise

Free Minigame for Android & Webplayer


Today's technology makes it possible for people to achieve the incredible, but at the same time it provides an infinity of entertainment, distraction and nonsense - a great way to escape from reality!
Can you manage to stay focused on your task or will you give in to the endless shiny distractions thrown at you?

~ This is a tiny tale about procrastination.~

Fight for progress and take advantage of the holy blessing which is caffeine to cheat time, and complete your task before the deadline hits you!


  • Surf on a rainbow while wearing a fluffy bathrobe!
  • Collect progress(violet study books)while evading distractions!
  • Original, Arcade and Hardcore Mode
  • Shiny 3D graphics
  • Settings allow adjusting the quality to make this playable on a wide range of devices
  • Free, no in-game-purchases.


This is an old, non-profit student project. It's free to download and play here: Windows Version

The android version is currently unavailable but might be back at a later point.

Happy procrastinating!




Windows Version



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